Mothers' Day Giveaway

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Mothers' Day is coming , this is a good opportunity for children to thank their mothers for all their support and conditional love with a gift.

Do you want to win a gift for your Mom, here Aelec give you an opportunity. Donot miss it please. Enter here to win !!!
This Mothers' Day, you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card or 5 free Bluetooth Speakers!
All you have to do is share this blog on your Facebook or Twitter, and post a screenshot of your post in the comments below. Note: If you don’t want to include your Facebook name in the screenshot, feel free to blur it out.

The person who gets the most shares on their post will receive a $100Amazon Gift Card. We’ll also randomly pick 5 winners to win AELEC Bluetooth speaker on 5/12/2018.
we also pcik up 50 winners to win the code to buy AELEC Speaker 75%off.

And finally, we’ve also got some special Mothers' Deal deals for you all, so click on the picture below to find out more! Deals run 5/07/2018 through 5/20/2018.




US Only.

The event will run from May 6th 2018 00:00 PDT to May 12nd 2018 23:00 PDT.

Share this blog on your Facebook or Twitter and share a screenshot of your post (including the number of shares) in the comments. You will have a chance to win free Speakers or a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

50 winners will receive a discount code (75% off)valid for one of the following three product. We will send you the code on May 12nd.

The screenshot post with the most shares on social media will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. If we discover foul play, you will no longer be eligible to receive the prize

Prizes are limited to one per person.


  • Sa*

    2018/05/12 02:18:27 Sarah Lewellen Hope to Win !!!!
    • admin:

      2018/05/12 09:28:08

      I hope you can succeed!!
  • ti*

    2018/05/11 06:59:50
    • admin:

      2018/05/12 09:26:35

      hope you can succeed!lucky!
  • Christene Woodrum:

    2018/05/09 22:54:23

    Can't post a screenshot. Here is a link to my post
    • admin:

      2018/05/10 12:12:01

      Okay, good luck!
  • il*

    2018/05/09 08:11:40

    I would love to win!!!
    • admin:

      2018/05/09 09:41:06

      Thank you for your participation, hope your wish will come true! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!
  • li*

    2018/05/08 21:30:38

    I can not include picture here. There is no option to do that. But I can provide you a link to shared post :)
    • admin:

      2018/05/09 14:29:53

      LOL...Thank you for your participation, hope you can succeed. Lucky!


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